Ad Blocking

A lot of the interference we get when trying to access information on the Internet is caused by ads. Some ads are tasteful, but many are not. Many ads are what is referred to as "Click bait".  It is a photo and headline that is mostly false, but definitely designed to get you to click on it to learn more.  A lot of these are time wasters, and some are downright dangerous.

The first thing that I do when I install a browser on a computer is to install Ad blocking software.  The best known is called simply AdBlock. This software blocks the ads so that they don't load on the webpages. What happens instead is that a square box or empty space is where the ad was supposed to be. Pages load much faster since all of that extra content is not being downloaded, and you have a much less distracting web experience.

I have to speak to the ethical side for a moment. The ads are there to help support the website host to pay for their operating expenses. If you block the ads, then they don't get any revenue.  Not many websites are making their bread and butter off of those ads, but a few of them do.  You'll have to decide if your desire for a clean and less distracting web experience is more important than their ability to get some cash from your visit.  Then again, most ads don't pay up if you don't actually click on them, so if you never want to click on the ads, then filtering them out doesn't mean a revenue change for the site.  Your call.

Some websites that do rely on the ad revenue actually detect that you are using an ad blocker and put up a warning message, saying something to the effect of, "We notice you are using an ad blocker. To enjoy this site, please disable your blocker first".  If you do get such a message, it is a simple matter of clicking the AdBlock icon at the top of the screen and telling it not to block ads on the particular site you are on.

You can also donate money to the AdBlock author to help keep his family afloat for the good service he provides.

AdBlock is availble for Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Opera, and Firefox. Just click the button on the website and it will detect your browser and download the appropriate plug-in for your browser.

Go get AdBlock