If you are memorizing passwords or writing them down, you need to read this!

Some of you need to hear this.  And it won't be good news.  Your passwords and the way you manage them needs to change.  You can't do it on your own -- you need help.

I remember when I made the transition to more secure passwords years ago.  It was actually a process.  You see, P.J. and I had an amazing master password.  We put some thought into it, and it was a series of letters and numbers that were based on our children's names, their birth dates, you know, the things all parents know.  Both she and I used this password for absolutely everything.  But I guess the problems started when my Gmail account was hacked about ten years ago.  Somebody got ahold of my password somehow and went into my Gmail account.  They locked me out of the account and started sending emails to everyone, imposing as me, saying that I was stranded in a foreign country and needed money wired to an account so I could get back to the US.  They kinda hit the jackpot, because everybody knew how much we traveled.  Fortunately, I was able to recover my account and send out an update just as the first victim was getting information on how to wire the funds. I'll never forget how vulnerable and embarassed that made me feel!

The problem was, once they got into one account, they could now get into almost anything they wanted to.  It was a lot of work to change all my passwords.  But that is when we started generating random passwords.  Yes, that's right.  Passwords that are quite difficult to remember, with strings of letters and numbers and even symbols.  Here's one just for fun: 


I just clicked a button to generate this password with Roboform -- a tool that I've been using for over ten years.  Do you know how strong this password is?  I just looked it up on passwordmonster.com and they report that it would take 52 Billion years to crack it!  I am quite sure that is an exaggeration, because we all know that quantum computing will be here in less than a hundred years and then it might take two weeks to crack.  But anyway, nobody is hacking into my facebook, or my bank account, or my email ever again.

While uncrackable passwords are great, they are not something that I memorize or write down ever. And you shouldn't try either. You need a place to store them and to retrieve them on your phone and on your computer.  That is where Roboform shines.  I have a master password for Roboform that I do have memorized, but that is the only one.  All of my other passwords are encrypted on Roboforms servers, so even if someone hacks their website, they can't get my passwords without the master password.  But even that isn't enough.  What if someone discovers my master password?!

Roboform knows the devices that I use.  If ever anybody tries to log into my Roboform account on a new device, I get a security code sent to my phone.  Without that code, permission is denied, even if they somehow have obtained my password.

So, now both my wife and I use Roboform to manage uncrackable passwords that are made available to us on all the devices we use.  The cost is currently around $2 per month, which is negligable considering how many times I use it every day. We would highly recommend it to you, and if you use our affiliate link below, you'll get six free months, and we'll be spared the $2 for the same.

Don't write down your passwords.  Use Roboform.