Dual mice again on Windows 7

I spend a lot of time at my computer and I soon start to feel it in my arms. I am sold on trackballs have been using them ever since the first trackball that hooked on the side of my notebook computer. For the sake of this article, we'll generalize and call them mice. When USB mice came out, it was possible to attach more than one to the computer and I quickly figured out that if I had a mouse in each hand, I could stick my sore arm behind my back and force myself to use my left hand every once in a while. This system has worked quite well for me except for one major flaw: when the mouse was set to right-handed, both the left and the right mouse would be switched to right-handed. There was no way to differentiate the mice in the system.

At one point, there was a Logitech driver that addressed my Logitech mouse separately and for a short period of history my body was able to function symmetrically by using the same finger on each hand to do the clicking. This however was short-lived. I'm not sure if it was an operating system upgrade or a rodent upgrade, but ever since that time I've been looking for a trackball solution that will enable me to use a left-handed and a right-handed mouse at the same time.

Well, I finally found it. For you trackball fans, the answer is with Kensington. I am currently running Windows 7 64-bit version. On my left hand I have the Kensington Expert Mouse-- a true misnomer if there ever was one. It is not a mouse, but a trackball and a monster one at that.Kensington Expert Mouse on Amazon  The Expert Mouse has been out for years, but for some reason they never developed either Vista or Windows 7 drivers until just this year. Now that they have, the driver works independently from the Windows driver and so I am able to use a device with my right hand and configure it independently.Logitech Marble Mouse


On my right, I am currently using a Logitech Marble Mouse.

So now I can finally return to my more productive ambidextrous computer state! In essence, my thumbs are left clickers and my pinkies are right clickers.  Let's hope they can stay this way for at least a couple years!